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Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Italian submersible specialist CABI Cattaneo regarding co-operation in the field of underwater vehicles and their integration with larger vessels, Fincantieri announced on 3 August 2023.

The accord was signed by Pierroberto Folgiero and Alberto Villa, the CEOs of Fincantieri and CABI respectively, in the presence of Chief of the Italian Navy Admiral Enrico Credendino.

The MoU, which could be followed by an additional co-operation agreement to be finalised within the year, will allow underwater vehicles to be integrated with Fincantieri surface and underwater vessels, improving the products that can be offered in target markets globally.

CABI Cattaneo launched its Deep Shadow swimmer delivery vehicle in 2018. The company is now working with Fincantieri to integrate vessels such as this with motherships from the outset of their design. (CABI Cattaneo)

According to the agreement, the design, construction, fit-out and setting to work of the main vessels will be the responsibility of Fincantieri, which will be the design authority, while CABI will be responsible for the underwater vehicles.

The companies believe the MoU, which could be extended to other specialist companies, could strengthen their position in relation to potential overseas customers. In particular the companies are looking to market a package in which, for the first time, underwater vehicles produced by CABI will be functionally and physically integrated right from the initial stages of the mothership being designed by Fincantieri.

Peter Felstead