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Fincantieri has secured a EUR 1.18 billion contract from the Indonesian Ministry of Defence, within the framework of collaborative relations initiated by the Italian Ministry of Defence (MoD), to supply two multi-purpose offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) to the Indonesian Navy, the Italian shipbuilder announced on 28 March 2024.

The OPVs being supplied are of the Thaon di Revel class (also known as Pattugliatore Polivalente d’Altura (PPA) – Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessel), of which seven have been ordered by the Italian Navy.

Fincantieri stated in a press release that “the ships subject to the [Indonesian] order – originally destined for the Italian Navy – are currently under construction and fitting at the Integrated Shipyard in Riva Trigoso-Muggiano”. When asked by ESD which specific OPVs will be supplied to Indonesia, the Fincantieri press office declined to elaborate, but of the seven PPSs so far ordered for the Italian Navy, the first four vessels have already been commissioned, Marcantonio Colonna and Ruggiero di Lauria have both been launched but not commissioned, while Domenico Millelire is expected to be launched in June.

According to Fincantieri, the Indonesian MoD’s interest in the PPAs arose following a maritime tour of the Far East by Francesco Morosini, the Italian Navy’s second Thaon di Revel-class vessel, which made a port visit to Indonesia in July 2023.

“The transaction can catalyse additional synergies in the operational, industrial, and technological fields between the two countries,” Fincantieri stated in a press release. “The units will be able to support Indonesia in protecting national interests and contribute to the stability of the delicate Indo-Pacific strategic quadrant.”

The provision of the two PPAs to the Indonesian Navy is being expedited in light of tensions caused by Chinese naval activity in the region.

Fincantieri stated that, under the PPA contract, it will act as the prime contractor towards the Indonesian MoD and will specifically co-ordinate the other industrial partners, including Leonardo, regarding the customisation of the ships’ combat systems to Indonesian requirements and the provision of related logistic services.

The PPA vessels are multi-role OPVs with a length of 143 m that are crewed by around 170 personnel. Featuring a combined diesel and gas (CODAG) powerplant, along with an electric propulsion system, they have a top speed in excess of 32 knots (59 km/h), a range of 5,000 n miles (9,260 km) and can accommodate two SH90-size helicopters (or one AW101-size helicopter).

The Italian Thaon di Revel-class vessels are armed with a 127 mm Vulcano deck gun, a 76 mm autocannon and two secondary 25 mm guns. Depending on whether they are in a ‘Full’ or ‘Light’ configuration, they are also fitted with or for two eight-cell vertical launch systems for Aster 30 surface-to-air missiles, eight anti-ship/land attack missiles and two triple launchers for 324 mm torpedoes.

The Italian Navy’s second PPA, Francesco Morosini, visiting Malaysia in May 2023. Italy is expediting the delivery of tw PPAs to Indonesia. (Photo: Wikipedia/Z3144228/CC BY-SA 4.0)