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After Finland joined NATO the interest in the proven Watercat M18 AMC (Armoured Modular Craft) fast landing crafts used by the Finnish Navy is growing in many NATO countries.

This AMC multipurpose high-speed landing craft is designed to fulfil all modern requirements for future combat support vessels.

It is suitable for: Troop transport, medivac, evacuation, landing ops, patrolling and escort, minelaying, and combat support.

A Finnish Defence Forces Watercat M18 AMC (Photo: Finnish Defence Forces)

The vessel is specially designed for archipelagic, coastal, and offshore conditions with an effective heating and air-conditioning system allowing heat and extreme cold, arid, or humid climates. The vessels are equipped with RWS and other weapon stations if needed.

Marine Alutech and its brand Watercat is wellknown for a wide range of maritime military off-the-shelf-solutions with quick deliveries, maximum project control, inhouse integrations and vessels with a long lifetime. More than 500 versatile Watercat® boats delivered for demanding maritime operations since mid-80´s.  The vessels are in operational use from the Artic Ocean down to the Southern Ocean and South China Sea.

 Marine Alutech will deliever 17 units of Watercat M12 `JURMO` class landing crafts for the Finnish Navy.

The overall value of the procurement, without value added tax, is EUR 25.5 million, and the domestic employment effect will be about 110 person-years. This contract is again a very important milestone for Marine Alutech’s ability to maintain its know-how and thus military security of supply in the design and manufacture of similar combat boats.

The Watercat M12 (Picture: Marine Alutech)

Marine Alutech is presenting at DSEI London 2023 in Hall 5 – 236, innovative maritime security systems and proven off-the-shelf-solutions with their Watercat combat and patrol boats.

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