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MBDA has been awarded a contract by Poland to equip the Polish Navy’s three new Miecznik-class frigates with the Sea Ceptor naval air defence system, MBDA announced on 12 January 2024.

The contract builds upon a series of strategic agreements between MBDA and Poland around MBDA’s CAMM family of air defence missiles, which the Sea Ceptor system uses as its effectors. Poland will take advantage of the interoperability of CAMM, designed specifically for both land and maritime domains, by utilising its already-procured CAMM missile stockpiles to equip the Miecznik-class frigates. CAMM will be efficiently installed on board the ships with a quadpacking solution in Mk41 Vertical Launching System, MBDA stated, enabling a high load-out to increase platform survivability.

MBDA is working with Polish company PGZ to create a sovereign missile capability in country through Poland’s NAREW short-range air defence system programme, which includes what MBDA describes as an “unprecedented transfer of knowledge and technology from MBDA”.

The use of the CAMM missile family for the Miecznik-class frigates, the NAREW programme and also the PILICA+ short-range air defence programme will drive significant efficiencies for Poland while boosting Polish industry and providing highly skilled jobs, MBDA noted.

The Miecznik contract, which MBDA says further demonstrates the strategic relationship between MBDA and PGZ and the strength of UK-Polish defence co-operation, also includes joint work on a future medium-range CAMM missile.

Sea Ceptor is a latest-generation naval air defence system that protects naval vessels and consorts from modern air and surface threats, including supersonic anti-ship missiles and unmanned surface vessels.

The CAMM missile will now be used by Poland’s Miecznik-class frigates, as well as by the country’s NAREW and PILICA+ short-range air defence programmes. (Image: MBDA)