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Inflatable Tanks

i2K Military showed an inflatable T-72 main battle tank, that is in use with the U.S. Army, at I/ITSEC. Even though this tank looks quite toy-like, it is made out of high performance fiber. It can withstand 50 to 100 bullets before it will collapse, making it an ideal (and cheap) training equipment. The company […]

Train as You Fight

Some quite impressive training can be seen at the Australian booth at I/ITSEC. Chiron Global Technologies is presenting the performance of their Chiron Armour Platform X-Series body armor in real fighting. Chiron X-1 is already in use with Australian Defence personnel to allow realistic training. With only 17 kg and several layers – a hard […]

New Generation of Video Walls

Even though some say the domes are dead and augmented reality will take over their role, there are still enough specialists pointing out that you still need the haptic and reality of original systems in a dome. So at I/ITSEC there are still enough companies presenting solutions that might be used in domes and the […]

Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Evaluation System

South African 5DT presented several rather impressive new training solutions at I/ITSEC. One is an AI enhanced driver evaluation system that has already evolved into an AI based security system with behavior pattern recognition. 5DT DriveVUE is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced system that uses a variety of sensors and machine learning algorithms to evaluate […]

Helmet-Mounted Information System

Nexter took the opportunity of I/ITSEC to introduce their new FINDADFI dismounted combat helmet add-on. FINDADFI is a soldier’s helmet-mounted information system that displays – with a small screen right in the soldiers field of view – the necessary navigation and positioning information for the mission. It even interfaces night/day hand-held binocular and navigation devices. […]

Realistic Speedboat Training

Dutch company Cruden presents their Fast Craft Simulator (FCS) at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida. “With rapidly growing fast craft deployment and today’s awareness of the risks involved in crew training, safe and efficient training methods specifically for these boat types are in high demand,” the company stated. “Existing large vessel simulator technology does not satisfy […]

Russian Weapons in Middle East Conflicts

Recent Russian weapons’ involvement in Middle East military conflicts boosts Russia’s national defence exports. Traditional customers are teamed with new buyers, including regional giants Turkey and Saudi Arabia – who are being impressed by Russia’s weaponry performance in the most hushed environment at relatively low cost. This brief analysis is based on open source information, […]

The Netherlands Order 918 Medium Multirole Protected Vehicles

Today the Dutch Ministry of Defence signed a contract with Iveco Defence Vehicles on an initial batch of 918 vehicles denominated “12kN.” The 12kN is a new generation of medium multirole protected vehicles especially designed for the Dutch Armed Forces. This acquisition is part of the Defence-wide Replacement Programme of Wheeled Vehicles (DVOW – Defensiebrede […]

German Sea Lion Grounded Due to Lack of Security

“The Bundeswehr has decided not to commence initial flight operations with the new NH90 Sea Lion helicopter,” said a rather astonishing message from the German Ministry of Defence (MoD) this morning. Not meeting the set high standards of safety and quality were the reason given. “We are basically convinced of the performance of the NH90 […]

French Patrol Boats for Ukraine

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov signed a government agreement with his French counterpart Christophe Castaner on the purchase of twenty 32-metre FPB 98 MK II coastal patrol boats from the Ocea (Sables d’Olonne). The 32 metre long and 6 metre wide aluminium patrol boats are designed for surveillance missions in the exclusive economic zone. They […]

Lithuania Orders Joint Light Tactical Vehicles

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence (MoD) agreed to procure 200 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) from the U.S. for about €145 million. Deliveries are expected to take placebetween 2020 and 2024. New vehicles will be distributed among various units of the country’s armed forces. The procurement will be finalised under the Letter of Offer and […]

Modernization of the German Wiesel AWC

Germany has awarded the modernization contract for the Wiesel Armoured Weapons Carrier (AWC) to FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG). This service life extension contract (NDV) is for a total of 181 vehicles of the Wiesel 1 fleet, which will ensure that the vehicles will remain in service beyond 2030. The focus of the NDV […]

Polish Orlik Trainer Aircraft Rises to New Challenges

Airbus remains optimistic about sales opportunities of the PZL-130 Orlik on new export markets, as the manufacturer continues delivery of modernized trainer aircraft to the Polish Air Force. “The upgrade of the Orlik is basically structured in three different contracts,” said Manuel Heredia Ortiz, CEO, Airbus Poland S.A., adding that between 2016-2017, when the Polish […]

Radars Chosen for the New Norwegian Mobile Air Defence System

KONGSBERG, being the main contractor for the new mobile, ground-based air defence system for the Norwegian Army, has chosen Weibel Scientific for the supply of radars. The special capability of Weibel’s ground-based air defence radars is the ability to detect and track very low-flying, small and slow (LSS) drones at a long distance. This pioneering […]

New Payload Family for FLIR UAS

FLIR Systems has introduced the StormCaster family of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) payloads for its SkyRanger R70 and R80D SkyRaider airframes. The new line launches with two multi-sensor products – StormCaster-T, which delivers continuous zoom and longwave infrared (LWIR) imaging; and StormCaster-L, which provides ultra-low-light imaging, tracking, and mapping. The next generation line of UAS […]

Cooperative Support for Night Vision and Optoelectronics Equipment

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) with its head office in Capellen, Luxembourg, brings together in a single organisation NATO’s logistics and procurement including armaments acquisition support activities, providing integrated multinational support solutions for NATO, NATO and EU member nations as well as partner nations as its customers. A dedicated area of NSPA’s life […]

Pouch for Lightsticks

At the MILIPOL Cyalume presents its new accessory for Cyalume lightsticks: the CyPouch tactical holder for the company’s lightsticks. CyPouch is a compact and ambidextrous pouch that is easy and quick to reload. It has been designed for use while wearing gloves. Its fitted with a MOLLE fastener allowing attachment to a belt for example. […]

FORD’s Special Solutions Shown in Bangkok

FORD Global Fleet Sales has revealed its latest military, security and armoured vehicles at the DEFENSE & SECURITY 2019, that is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, at the moment. One of the highlights is the FORD Everest Light Utility Vehicle, a heavy duty off-road SUV customized with protective vehicle components including an optional bull bar […]

Two-piece All Terrain Runflat for Wheels

At the DSEI in Japan Tyron presented a new variant of its rubber-based All Terrain Runflat called ATR-Custom. The two-piece inlay can be mounted without hydraulic aids. The tyres of off-road vehicles can be damaged by shootings, blasting or sharp stones. All Terrain Runflat (ATR) pads allow the vehicle to continue driving at sufficient speed […]

New 60mm Mortar and Survivor R Protected SOV

At MILIPOL Rheinmetall shows their new RSG60 60mm mortar for infantry and special forces. “A few quick manual adjustments turn the 15.8 kg standard infantry version into a commando mortar weighing just 6.8 kg, with no need for tools,” the company said. “Depending on the ammunition and charges, the standard version can attain ranges of […]

NATO: Spikes on the EEG

Two remarkable points from the NATO Secretary General’s press conference preceding the NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on November 20, 2019: NATO is preparing for wars in space. And is facing up to China. Already in 2018 the Allies had identified space as an “essential element for deterrence and defence.” Now it is to be recognized […]

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