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The BAAINBw Agencies

A total of six defence technology departments, two military science departments and the Naval Arsenal are subordinated to the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw). In addition, the German Liaison Office for Defense Materiel, USA/Canada, is also part of the BAAINBw. Bundeswehr Technical Center for Land-Based Vehicle Systems, Engineer and […]

Central Affairs Directorate (ZA)

The Central Affairs Directorate (ZA) of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) is in charge of central management affairs. Four divisions with 18 branches and one directorate office deal with interdisciplinary and general administrative matters. Division ZA1 Division ZA1 consists of the branches ZA1.1, ZA1.2, ZA1.3 and ZA1.4. Branch […]

Technical Quality Management Center (Directorate ZtQ)

The quality assurance activities of the Technical Quality Management Center (Zentrum für technisches Qualitätsmanagement – ZtQ) reflect the interests of economical administrative practice as well as the special responsibility of the Bundeswehr as an employer vis-à-vis its servicemen and women to ensure the functional reliability and operational safety of their equipment. Directorate ZtQ is independent […]

Directorate T – Common Technical, Logistic and Economic Activities

At Directorate T, the essential common technical, logistic and economic activities of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) are pooled and managed centrally. Directorate T has a wide range of responsibilities: Controlling (e.g. research and technology projects, enhancing and enabling projects), Coordination (e.g. operations analysis, fast-track initiatives for operations), […]

Complex Services/Purchasing Directorate (E)

The Purchasing Directorate is responsible for the procurement of commercial or specialised materiel for the armed forces. The Directorate buys two million different items, 500,00 of which regularly. Complex Services (KDL) and the Bundeswehr Purchasing Process (EinkaufBw) The Complex Services/Purchasing Directorate (E) is based in Lahnstein and Koblenz, currently being subdivided into three divisions and […]

Information Technology Support Directorate (G) The SASPF Programme – an effective contribution to the digitisation of the Bundeswehr

The initiation of the SASPF project (Standard Application Software Product Family) has marked a paradigmatic shift in IT support in the field of administrative and logistic tasks away from individual, task-specific applications and towards an economically oriented, uniform IT-solution for all areas of the Bundeswehr. The standardisation, harmonisation and optimisation of processes, procedures, sequences and […]

Information Technology Directorate (I)

The Bundeswehr, too, is a driving force behind digital transformation. The goal of its efforts is to achieve superiority of effect through improved and faster processes in terms of command and control as well as planning. And this is where Directorate I of BAAINBw plays an important role. It manages the projects concerning information technology […]

Land Support Directorate (U)

The BAAINBw Land Support Directorate (U) has a very broad spectrum of tasks, ranging from individual equipment for Special Forces over security technology, military camps, medical equipment, CBRN protection, military wheeled vehicles, special vehicles and equipment to EW (electronic warfare), reconnaissance, air traffic control, robotics and training/simulation. In addition, the Land Support Directorate exercises the […]

Sea Directorate (S)

Directorate S is responsible for matters related to the realisation and in-service use of Navy ships and boats, the Navy-specific shore-based systems, communication systems, training installations and other Navy-specific equipment. It supports the units from the first stages of realisation to the disposal of decommissioned units and their subsequent handover to the disposal organisation. Thus […]

Combat Directorate (K)

The Combat Directorate (K) with its three project divisions and their branches comprises the BAAINBw expertise for land-based air defence, guided missiles for ships and aircraft, dropped ordnance, antitank defence (K4), armoured combat and transport systems, bridges and crossing equipment (K5) as well as artillery, infantry and engineer systems (K6). The general task divisions Economic […]

PMO – Program Organization

The Program Organization (PMO) combines the project management for the key armaments projects MKS 180 multi-role combat ship, tactical air defence system (Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem, TLVS) and the European MALE RPAS in one structure optimised for the specific tasks to be performed. Specialists from various fields with technical, economic and legal expertise are directly assigned to […]

Legal Affairs Staff (J)

Ever since legal affairs have become a staff element within the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) in 2017 (the Legal Affairs Staff), it has been in charge of quality assurance for legal documents of major projects and has also played an essential role in the modernisation of contract management […]

Operational Management Staff

The Operational Management Staff currently comprises five divisions plus the AIN Press and Information Center (PIZ AIN). It is headed by an Executive Secretary and is structured according to its various tasks. Division OS1 Division OS1 is in charge of central task management at BAAINBw level and coordinates all tasks related to Parliamentary/Cabinet affairs and […]

Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support

The major organisational element of equipment, information technology and in-service support – in German abbreviated AIN – is responsible for satisfying the armed forces’ requirements in terms of materiel and for managing the in service use of materiel fielded in the Bundeswehr with the aim of maintaining the operational maturity of that materiel. Partner of […]

Image Fusion Promises to Maintain the Night Time Combat Edge

For the front-line soldier, the most common night-vision (NV) system is the night-vision goggle (NVG). Following the Desert Storm campaign in 1991, NV systems were credited with having been essential for the coalition’s success against Iraq. They gave soldiers the ability to fight at night, and were particularly effective when engaging an enemy who lacked […]

“We believe in the unmanned turret as the ultimate solution for combat vehicles.”

At the recent FEINDEF exhibition in Madrid, Spain, RAFAEL drew attention to a selection of dedicated capabilities and products. On this occasion, ESD had the opportunity to speak to Maj Gen (ret’d.) Yoav Har-Even, RAFAEL’s President and CEO. ESD: What does RAFAEL’s business record with the Spanish Armed Forces look like? Har-Even: Rafael has a […]

MSM / ZVS: a 500% Increase in Under Five Years

To mark both MSPO and DSEi in 2019, ESD interviewed Marian Goga, CEO of ZVS Holdings a.s. ESD: Please explain the relationship / structure between MSM, ZVS and their position with reference to the Slovakian MOD and international customers. Goga: MSM Group is a mother company (holding) of multiple defence production plants. MSM Group preserves […]

A New Era for ASuW/ASW Airborne Platforms?

The increasing number of countries procuring or interested in submarines programmes have pushed NATO’s and worldwide main navies and air forces to look for upgrading or procuring new ASuW/ASW platforms, commonly classified as Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The increasing underwater threat in main seas basins – from the North Atlantic to Pacific Ocean passing through Mediterranean […]

FNH UK: New Technologies and Capabilities in the UK, for the UK

ESD met with FNH UK during the 2019 Dismounted Close Combat Exhibition, Demonstration and Seminar at Shrivenham (part of Cranfield University), England, leading to this interview with Glyn Bottomley, CEO of FNH UK. Belgium-based Herstal Group is a world leader in Defence/Security – the FN Herstal brand – and Hunting & Sports Shooting – the […]

The Future of Polish Land Forces and MBT Fleet

For over a quarter of a century, the Polish Army has undergone constant restructuration, which was and still is intended to adjust it to operate in diverse and variable geopolitical and military conditions in country and/or abroad. This process has been carried out simultaneously with the ongoing technical modernisation of the land forces. However, insufficient […]

European Submarine Requirements

More than a century after its debut, the submarine remains a key capability among the world’s navies and an area of continuing investment and technological development. Over forty navies worldwide have submarines in their fleets, and the number of submarine operators appears set to grow. Submarines remain an attractive investment as more navies seek the […]

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