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HeliRussia Successful Despite COVID 19

The annual International Exhibition of Rotorcraft Equipment (or HeliRussia) was held at the Crocus Expo Centre on the outskirts of Moscow from 15 to 17 September with 153 exhibitors (including 40 from the media) making it the smallest since 2009. Previously scheduled for May, it was moved to this new date due to COVID -19, making […]

ESD at MSPO 2020

The MSPO exhibition in Kielce, Poland, has just started. It’s a national show but this year its importance is not to be underestimated, as much of the defence world – politicians, industry, exhibition and conference organisers, the military, the media etc – will be looking to learn lessons about professional, large-scale exhibitions in the post-COVID-19 […]

Hungary Signs LYNX Contract

Hungary has ordered 218 LYNX Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) from Rheinmetall in a deal worth more than €2bn, making the country the first NATO and EU member state to order the type. This important contract represents a major breakthrough in the global defence market for the Düsseldorf-based technology group’s innovative new combat vehicle. The contractual […]

Rocket Centre Opened by Roketsan

Korhan Özkilinc The Turkish armaments company Roketsan has opened the Research Center for ‘Satellite Launch, Space Systems and Advanced Technologies and Explosive Raw Materials Production Plant’. The company will continue to work on its sounding rocket at the facilities where it has carried out successful tests in the past. The aim is to launch satellites […]

PHALCON Contract for India Imminent

Arie Egozi The Indian government is about to approve a deal to purchase two additional PHALCON Airborne Early Warning (AEW) systems from Israel. This comes after India purchased three such aircraft in 2004, based on the Russian ILYUSHIN 76, in which Elta installed the radar and other systems. The proposed deal is estimated at US$1.2bn and […]

The Army’s Contribution to the Bundeswehr Capability Profile

Our increasingly imponderable security environment is unlikely to improve, even though we may find ourselves in a “new” normality once the waves of Covid-19 have abated. We should not run the risk of stumbling from a pandemic crisis to a security-policy crisis. For Germany as a continental middle power, the land dimension will continue to […]

BrahMos Missile Developments Coming

Yury Laskin Tests of several modifications to the BrahMos cruise missile to extend its range are planned for 2020, one of Russia’s top defence industries officials announced at the ARMY-2020 Forum. India, with whom Russia developed the missile, is among the top exhibitors at the show, having a strong national pavilion. In June, the BrahMos […]

Planshet-A to Make Artillery Smarter

Yury Laskin The Research institute (VNII) Signal used ARMY-2020 to reveal Planshet-A, a man-portable automated artillery fire control system. The brain of the system is a lap-top sized computer using the Russian national elementary base, although the computer itself can be placed in the breast pocket of a military field uniform. The batteries and charges can […]

DROZD Amphibian at ARMY-2020

Yury Laskin The St.Petersburg-based Baltic Machine-Building Company presented the DROZD all-wheel-drive amphibious vehicle at the ARMY-2020 forum. Quoted by TV Zvezda, the official television network of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Chief Designer Sergey Tereshenkov said that a prototype of the amphibious car is currently being tested. The DROZD patrol and reconnaissance amphibian vehicle, according to the designers, can […]

The Donbas Conflict and the Future of Armoured Warfare

Kiev More than six years since the beginning of the war in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region – and after what is in excess of 13,000 deaths on both sides – it is possible to come to some conclusions about the Russian advantages in the conflict. While the fighting has not proceeded along the lines of […]

ALTAIR goes North and South

Yury Laskin The Russian Northern Fleet is to receive a squadron of the most modern amphibious aircraft, the Be-200 ALTAIR, the Izvestia newspaper reported yesterday, citing sources in the Russian Ministry of Defence. The statement claims that the aircraft are to be used in both the regular emergency variant but also in a new anti-submarine […]

Israeli Satellite “Swarms” Progressing

Arie Egozi The Israeli Ministry of Defence plans to order a large number of Nano and Micro satellites that will be launched into space to form “Swarms” which according to experts will enhance Israel’s capability to get near real time image intelligence of preparations for the launch of a ballistic missile. The plan is to use […]

Let’s Meet in Prague at Future Forces Forum 2020

Despite the recent COVID outbreak, the biennial defence and security exhibition, expert panels and networking FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF) will take place as scheduled from 21st to 23rd October 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic. FFF links users of the latest technologies in military and civil security operations to manufacturers and researchers from all over the world. All FFF events are focused […]

Far East of Russian Benefits from Contracts

Yury Laskin On 12th August 2020, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu paid a visit to the Eastern territories- Khabarovsk Krai and Irkutsk oblast. The latter (alongside the aviation plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur) produce the National Air Force’s (VKS) SUKHOI Su-27/30/35 family, and the Minister’s visit has not been a surprise to these facilities. Shoigu started his trip […]

Exercise Between Germany and Israel Commences

Arie Egozie The Israeli Air Force (IAF) today started a joint exercise with the German Air Force. This comes after the latter announced in a press release that its commander had invited the IAF to participate in the exercise during his previous visit to Israel, with the exercises to be carried out in the west of […]

Diehl Aviation Cabin Interiors Certified for Boeing Aircraft

Jack Richardson  Diehl Aviation, a leading provider of aircraft cabin interiors and aircraft systems products has received approval from Boeing to offer Buyer-Furnished-Equipment (BFE) products to airlines for installation on Boeing airplanes. BFE products are cabin interior elements that airlines procure directly from the parts manufacturers, such as Diehl Aviation, for installation on newly-built aircraft […]

Providing Security in the Central African Republic

Portugal has been an active security provider and, in this regard, has been working on many fronts. Portuguese soldiers and police have deployed in four continents with NATO, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN). The commitment of Portugal to security in the Central African Republic (CAR) is a phenomenon that speaks for […]

Research and Technology for the Future Main Ground Combat System

The list of capability requirements for the future Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) is long. It must detect and identify threats from a distance, improve crew protection, increase firepower and mobility, and so forth. Many technological challenges have to be overcome. The French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) has extensive experience and a long history […]

AFCEA Europe to go Ahead

Jack Richardson  In partnership with the NATO Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC), AFCEA Europe will hold a hybrid conference and exhibition on “Navigating through a Sea of data – Challenges for Secure and Efficient Reinforcement and Military Mobility in Europe/NATO”, which can be attended in-person as well as online. The JSEC’s two main responsibilities, […]

New Online Portal for Mounted and Dismounted Infantry

Mittler Report Verlag GmbH (MRV) has launched a German-language only information portal which focusses on the mounted or dismounted individual soldier, his or her weaponry, equipment, training and operational options. The portal considers news and developments from the armed forces and the defence industry with a dedicated tri-service focus on infantry fighting units across all […]

Airborne Radars and the Electronically-Scanned Revolution

For many decades, one of the main characteristics of most land, sea, and airborne radars was the use of a moving antenna. Mechanical movement was needed either to survey an area of terrain, sea or sky, or to direct the radar to a specific target. In the case of airborne radars, this moving antenna was […]

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