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The Finnish Armed Forces have received all of the GTP 4×4 protected vehicles they ordered from manufacturer Sisu Auto in June 2020. The vehicles were delivered as five-seater armoured multipurpose vehicles and 10 seat APCs. Mission modules are mounted on the vehicle chassis, which is the same for both versions, enabling the vehicles to be adapted to a large number of different roles. By using truck components from large-scale production, the logistical footprint – and thus the life cycle costs – remains low.

The 14-tonne vehicles (combat weight) can carry five tonnes of payload and are powered by a 230 kW Mercedes-Benz diesel engine. The top speed reaches 100 km/h, the range up to 700 km. Fording depth (without preparation) is up to 85 cm. Protection against mines/blasts and shelling is certified according to STANAG 4569. Optional protection against anti-tank hand weapons and NBC warfare agents can be integrated.

Gerhard Heiming