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Terma has announced that the company has started delivery of the SCANTER family of coastal surveillance radars to the Royal Thai Navy. The company stated that the radars on order include the SCANTER 5202 and 2202 and will be combined with a variety of antennas, including 6.4 m (21 ft), 5.4 m (18 ft), and 3.7 m (12 ft) compact antennas. The radars are being installed along the coastline, to improve the Thai Navy’s capability to detect and track offshore objects in their territorial waters.

According to the company, all radars will feature Terma’s ET2 embedded tracker, which is capable of automatically logging the behaviour of any suspicious vessel. Terma added that this tracking data can be translated into exportable international protocols which can interface with any major Command & Control system on the market.

Terma has said that their systems are capable of detecting fast-moving small vessels, smuggler boats hiding behind larger vessels and even targets as small as a swimmer’s head above water in high seas.