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Asio Technologies have unveiled their NavGuard NOCTA Mini optical navigation system, a smaller and lighter version of their earlier Navguard NOCTA, which is primarily intended for mounting to small UAVs in contested electromagnetic spectrum environments where Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) jamming or spoofing systems may be active.

The system operates by using an on-board camera to take images of the terrain, which are then matched to a stored map of the mission area. Onboard software then processes these images in real-time to continuously generate a positioning solution. This is similar in principle to Terrain Contour Matching navigation systems, and allows for navigation independent of GNSS services.

The NOCTA Mini system is provided as a self-contained module weighing 185 g, with integrated day camera, LWIR thermal imager, computing, and Micro SD card storage. This module can be fitted to the underside of UAVs which meet the size, weight, and power consumption requirements of the system.